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Cerpen Bahasa Inggris – Berbicara mengenai cerpen memang tak akan pernah ada habisnya. Menulis cerpen pun terbilang sulit bagi sebagian orang. Hal ini disebabkan oleh adanya hal-hal yang harus diperhatikan sebelum dan saat menulisnya. Sebelum menulis cerpen, kita harus menentukan apa yang akan diceritakan, dan saat menulisnya, kita harus bisa mempertimbangkan bagaimana cerita itu akan berakhir.

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Selalu ada hal yang menarik di dalam sebuah cerpen. Selain karena ceritanya yang bisa dibaca hanya dengan sekali duduk, penggunaan bahasanya pun juga menjadi daya tarik tersendiri. Banyak cerpen yang ditulis dalam berbagai bahasa. Salah satunya yang akan dibahas sekarang ini adalah cerpen bahasa Inggris.

Cerpen bahasa Inggris memang menjadi hal yang sering dicari oleh kebanyakan orang. Ada banyak tujuan yang mendasari hal tersebut. Ada yang mencarinya karena memang suka membaca, ada juga yang mencarinya karena tugas yang diberikan oleh guru, hal ini paling sering dilakukan oleh para pelajar.




1. Pengertian Cerpen

Cerita pendek atau yang lebih dikenal dengan cerpen adalah sebuah karangan yang ditulis dalam jumlah kata yang pendek. Biasanya cerpen ini ditujukan untuk dibaca hanya dengan sekali duduk. Cerita yang ada dalam cerpen merupakan kisah dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Selain itu, alurnya pun tidak sekompleks alur yang ada dalam novel.


Ada beberapa alasan yang mendasari penulisan cerpen. Salah satunya adalah menuangkan isi pikiran. Selain itu, menulis cerpen juga memberikan kebahagiaan tersendiri bagi para penulisnya. Dengan menulis cerpen, segala hal yang tak bisa diungkapkan secara gamblang maupun tak bisa diceritakan pada seseorang, bisa diungkapkan dengan mudah tanpa perlu memikirkan apa dampak yang terjadi setelahnya.




2. Ciri-Ciri Cerpen

Dalam menulis cerpen, ada beberapa hal yang harus diperhatikan. hal ini bertujuan untuk membuat cerpen tersebut enak untuk dibaca. Adapun beberapa ciri atau karakteristik yang bisa dikategorikan sebagai cerpen:



1. Terdiri kurang dari 10.000 kata

Suatu cerpen biasanya mengandung kata paling sedikit 1000 kata. Hal ini dimaksudkan agar para pembaca tidak terlalu memakan banyak waktu untuk membacanya. Cerpen-cerpen biasanya mangandung sekitar 2500 kata. Namun, hal ini tergantung pada penulis dan cerita apa yang dituliskannya.



2. Hanya memiliki satu alur saja

Alur yang sederhana merupakan salah satu karakteristik sebuah cerpen. Hal ini disebabkan karena jika alurnya begitu kompleks dan memakan banyak waktu untuk membacanya, maka karangan tersebut termasuk ke dalam novel. Selain itu, penokohannya pun hanya berpusat pada tokoh utama dan beberapa tokoh pembantu yang tidak terlalu mendominasi cerita. Usahakan agar ceritanya lebih menarik.



3. Isi dan cerita berasal dari kehidupan sehari-hari

Konflik yang diangkat untu menulis cerpen biasanya berasal dari kehidupan sehari-hari. Selain memudahkan untuk dicerna, hal ini pun bisa jadi hal yang masuk akal. Cerita yang diangkat ke dalam cerpen biasanya sebuah karangan fiksi maupun pengalaman pribadi yang diolah kembali dengan kata-kata yang istimewa.



4. Bahasa mudah dipahami

Bahasa yang digunakan pun merupakan bahasa yang sederhana dan juga tidak bertele-tele. Kebanyakan pembaca ingin agar cerita cepat menemukan konfliknya dan mengetahui akhir dari ceritanya. Maka dari itulah, sebelum menulis cerpen atau karya yang lainnya, sebaiknya kita bisa melakukan beberapa hal yang bisa membantu kemampuan kita dalam berbahasa.


3. 10 Cerpen Bahasa Inggris yang Terpopuler Jaman Now!

Setelah dibahas mengenai pengertian cerpen dan ciri-cirinya, daripada semakin penasaran, langsung saja cek cerpen-cerpennya. Berikut adalah 10 cerpen dalam bahasa Inggris yang terpopuler jaman now.



1. Miss Night

By Agisiya Pramesti

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris-Juraganesia.net

Sounds of owls and howling dogs on the hills tease the eternal loneliness at to night. Momentary voice shouted to each other. Dogs or a owls, I don’t know what is it but it was louder and filled the night air.

A weeping girls that was sad heard hazily from the darkness night. While a crying begin louder, a howling disappeared. Perhaps, he run off and hide at his den fearly.

When I was here, at this place at a patrolling post nearly a cemetery. It’s because I was here lonely. It was my turn. It maybe a long might and a fully worried might. Yeah it’s was called patrolling but they preferred to round the village since they were afraid to ghost swallowing then. I just laughed at their word. I just laughed at their word.

At frightening night, I’till hear a hazy crying since a sissy animal never screamed filling my ears. “Just is it like that his bravery?” I don’t know what is it but I just could think it that they really scared to a haunted spirit maybe they fearful with her because they could see whatever I did not it. When I looked at an clock on the wall. Almost one a.m., but why that crying did not stopped yet. “Will to might be her last misery, so she cries might long.

I was getting curios, whose spirits cried every might like this. When all villagers were afraid to keep themselves on the bed, unlike me that wanted to know who she was. I got up and begin to walk and tried to look for the crying coming soon. I just took a light that was almost going out and remain bravery at myself and maybe it was lost after that. I dared for my thirsty soul that wanted to know about a crying girl that built my heart getting sympathetic because I wanted to unity part of miss night.

I would retell about the last night when my soul was possession by a fear that made me be mad but I praise to God cause of the happening, I got a new friend. I wrote this story to make everybody believe me that I was no liar. A touched crying was getting louder, when I approached closer to the top of hill. There were many high trees such as acacia, casuarinas tress,. An villagers called the hill as ‘the regretting forest’. Yeah, it’s like that.

According to villagers story it was a haunted jungle and there was a guard there. Everybody said like that because whoever entered there never to come back again. Yeah, it was only a boasting villagers and I never trust then. Each story that they told as was only as an urban legend, an classic legend in order to not to dare out the house.

I looked at some flight from the way of entry village. I stopped my walk and reshoot again them. “Man, where are you going?” shouted one of them.

“I want to search cricket! Will you join me?” I replied.

Their pale face with scaring to the haunted girls seem clearly light that shoot by my light was going out. “Lukman where are you going? Look for a cricket in the regretting jungle?”.

“Don’t ever go to there! Beside of my home is so many”, answered Tejo.

“I want to climb an the top the hill to enjoy the sunrise that must be different” .

“No” said Jalu.

“There is a something darkness, Man! Aren’t you afraid to a girl who is crying like this?” I just laughed hearing what they he said. They looked at me with strange face. But I didn’t care with then. So long me had to debate about it. But, finally they let me go. Actually, I was a bit worried when seeing their face my curiosity of crying bigger than about it. That almost a half of year always haunted my village.

“Take care, Man!” shouted Jalu.

“If there are more cricket than at beside my house, please send me a message, Man!” said Tejo

“be careful Man, night is so dark and the girl never stop crying.” Said Aji

I just smiled while saw their step to leave me alone here. Yeah, the light was almost down. Now, there was only a little light shining from flashlight. My felling was getting down that build a frightening sensation. I didn’t care whatever they told about the girl and let my frightening covering myself. I was willing to the night to kill me if she stopped the crying, “she was so pity?” the crying really sliced that hard hearth. “Please stopped it. Please stopped the crying.”

Step by step walked to the hill, finally I arrived the top and hear so clearly that crying. I was sure that the girl was so closed with me, since I heard not only her never… also a real sound. I kept my silent, tired to feel the crying that was so sad.. I didn’t know why my tears suddenly fell down at my cheek and remember me at the misery of my life. Really, it’s broken my heart very much. I don’t know why.

“I see. Don’t cry again! I know your feeling, don’t cry, please!” I asked her to stop crying. “please, don’t cry!” I not able to hear your cry again. I saw her, didn’t I? that was not wrong. She was a girl who cried every night and disturbed the loneliness night. However, a dark night always accompanied her when the tears never stopped falling down. From far way, I saw a girl with long hair and wore a pink pajama. Although it was looked unclearly but I was sure that she was a girl whose crying covered night at my village.

My step approach her slowly. My body was extremely trembling, I didn’t know why. Suddenly, my body freeze here with the cold dark night. I was getting closer her but my steps couldn’t move and I couldn’t stop my tears. I couldn’t hold myself about all frightening and horrifying feeling when I tried to reach her shoulder. I just wanted you know, that seemed to stop when I touched her. It’s so cold. Her howdy was so cold. It’s like a block of ice. It’s really so cold until my hand freezed and couldn’t more anymore. Even more, who so hard to open and my voice vanished from the mouth. The tongue was so hard to say I was like statue who soul inside, I didn’t know why. Perhaps, if I was only a frightening felling that came to myself.

I tried to calm myself down a moment. When I got my voice. When this mouth began to open. When my voice could say again. I tried to ask something her “Why? Why do you always cry like that?” But, she didn’t answer anything. No word, no voice was from her. I was so getting tried to see her face another side, but I still couldn’t see her face. Even more, she turned over the face. Maybe, she was shy with me (I said myself)

At that night, I just heard a little voice from her mouth

“You don’t ever understand!. Because we’re different” she answered so softly.

“I want to know about you?” “Who are you?”

“Sorry, I can’t.”

“If you can’t answer, it’s no problem! But I hope you stop your crying!”

“I can’t” she replied while turning her body

It was surprised that she was younger than me. She was so beautiful. I knew that she was only a haunted girl. But, I couldn’t lie to myself that her enchantment made me falling silent. She was so charmed until my eyes couldn’t turn away from her beauty. Finally, I could see her appearance clearly, though the light almost went down.

Her face was oval, her chin was almost perfect. Her little lips was so adorable. Her beauty eyes look at me softly although in tears that flowed endlessly.

Slowly, I reached her face full of tears and removed all but useless. The tears kept flowing, I did not know how to make him stop crying. I could only stare at her with great affection. He smiled wistfully, perhaps he understood this gaze.

“You’re a fine young man,” he said

“Stop your crying, if you do not have a reason to do so. Make of me as your excuse and stop crying for me.” I said. He nodded slowly.

“Thank you, because you’re good. I’ll tell you a little bit why I cry like this every night.”

“Please, I’ll be a loyal listener.”

“Actually, I haven’t died yet, but I want to die. My life is always filled with pain that makes me to end the life, so no more pain that I sense. But the plan fails, even though I’ve stabbed my stomach with a dagger. My life hung between life and death for six months, my body have coma in the hospital, but my soul drift and layover here to shed all villagers. Ah, it’s useless I tell you everything, because you’ll never know anything about me. ”

He explained. I do not believe that if he was still alive, or more precisely between life and death.

“You’re still alive?” I still did not believe it.

“Between life and death. Either consciously or later I am going to die, but I just want to die, because I never saw my own body in the hospital.” He replied.

“I want you to stop crying and conscious, so I can see you smiling at me later.”

I spent the night between the dawn began to erode the silence. I was still in that place. On the hill of regret, sitting alone with facing the eastern horizon where the sun would soon move slowly revealing itself to be shy and sometimes he would take advantage of the glare of the light that no one who saw him embarrassed as he slowly appeared. Unfortunately, the woman have lost while the arrival of a beautiful sun. Too bad he couldn’t enjoy it all with me.

“I hope I can see you again.” I prayed while closing my eyes.

Sun was more beautiful to shine and rise up slowly. The bird seemed to have awakening from the nest and is now beginning to chirp tunable in the branches. Fresh air the morning of pampering my breathing, I enjoy inhaling and exhaling of breath that is now very delicious. I just closed my eyes again so I could better enjoy this atmosphere in every second. My imagination began to drift away together gusts of wind that delivered creeps seduction. Conjure up again about the woman’s face. There was a time of turmoil in the hearts of these shadows greeted with a smile. If he had awakened from a long hibernation, I would take her to this place. On the edge of a hillside that has the most beautiful dawn. I wished I belonged to you, Dhea Putri.

The month passed quickly, but it was slowed by this longing. I was glad for one month no longer hear the misery cry, but where she is now. Do you know, if I miss you, Dhea.

“Man, Lukman!” Called someone from my porch. I was instantly aware that daydreaming and onto the terrace.

“Oh, Aji, what happen?” I asked.

“Someone looks for you. She is beautiful girl from the town, man.” Said Aji with eyes and seductive tone.

“Who?” I asked.

“That’s the lady in the car. Fine, I go now.

“Take care!” Aji said, and walked away.

“Thank Ji. You do not want to drink coffee?” I said offer.

“No, Thanks. Another time only Man!”


I really did not believe that if A girl who wa out of the luxury car it was him. The girl whom I had missed very much. Gracefully she came over and I could only paused in silence. I could see the smile sweetly. “Now I can see it in real time, without the tears flowing from her beautiful eyes”

“Do you still remember me?”

“I always remember you and you have to know if I missed you.”


“Trust me!” He suddenly grabbed me gently. Warm and comfortable, not like at night time it was the only cold on his body. I turned her hug back.

The body had bit shaky and I vaguely heard a sob. He kept his face burying in my chest until our tears dropped emotion simultaneously.

“Thanks Lukman, you are a person who have made me waking up from the nightmare. I have gratitude to help me encouraging myself heart and which have as useless for anything,” he said while releasing her hug.

“It is an honor for me personally. I would say ‘yes’ if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee with me here. On my porch.” I replied with laughter then greeted his laughter.

I removed my tears, and then I offered him my handkerchief. He took it and smiled so sweetly. I was very happy to see her like that, Dhea.

“Okay, no problem!”

“It’s so well!” My say made him to be cheerful again. Both of us enjoyed a warm coffee while joking and sharing stories together.

In a still-dark morning, I held her hand as we walked toward the hilltop regret to enjoy the dawn is so beautiful. At that moment I could no longer see her sad eyes that shone out thousands of such pain like that night, and now his eyes had sparkled definitely staring ahead. Dhea Putri. I love you.



2. The Holidays

By Eva Lie

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris-Juraganesia.net

Today, June is going on summer vacation.

“June, hurry up!” shouted May, her twin, “we are going to be late”. “Coming!” yelled June as she ran down the stairs. June and May hopped on the taxi, and went to the airport.

“The 13404 flight to Bali, Indonesia will soon depart, passengers please alight to gate 5”. June and May went pass security check and got on the plane.

It was a very smooth, calm, and very peaceful ride that day, well, they thought it was that way. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, we will reach our destination in 25 minutes, due to complicated weather, We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause”. “May, want some pocky?” said June as she offered May those delicious snacks. May just nodded

Suddenly, the plane’s wing broke. “Passengers, this is your captian, please wear the masks we provide as we proceed for emergency landing, please wear your seat belts and stay seated, this goes for all crews” yelled the pilot from speaker. They panicked, the plane crashed.

When June and May woke up, they can only see what appears to be the pilots and some of the flight attendants. June’s left leg was hurt really bad, but she can still walk, while both of May’s shoulders were hurt pretty badly.

After the crew woke up, they began to investigate the scene, and were shocked to find out that they were the only survivors. June, May, and the plane crew walked, Because June was sure they they will reach a village or at least a hut if they follow the river. They walked for ten days, just consuming river water, with no food at all.

They finally reached a small town, where they were treated, and brought back to their home town. As soon as they got there, June and May’s parents hug them tightly, they were glad that their children survived.

June and May’s story inspired many, to be brave and to not give up so easily.



3. The Thing I Should Hate about You

By Mella

Can you imagine when you looking at delicious cake in front of you at fancy shop. And you want to just touch it, feel it smooth cream on your finger and then you put it on your mouth to taste what it’s feel like when its melt inside your mouth …Hmmm…

Wait stop! Because its just your imagination for running to wild because now you just standing in front of glass that separate you from your lovely cake. But your desire to high in your veins. You want it like you need air for breath. Until you realize that glass to thick to trough it and you can’t have it cause you don’t even have money to buy it. And of course you end up just looking at it with your drooling pathetic face .

Yeah that’s what exactly like what I’m feeling for my major crush Anwar. The son of my boss at work

He stood over there like the world doesn’t matter if it falling apart. And here i am falling hard deep wit all my weak heart as if already shattered into pieces at the sight of all his glory. I can’t even dare to go near him I am afraid I’ll be faint or the worse possibilities i will make an awkward tension and humiliating my self… Or him.

It started 2 days ago when i have conversation with my girlfriends after work before we headed over our place. At first it’s a normal daily chat until my friend Ita said:

“How gorgeous Ahmad  today, right” she said with dreamy eyes. She always like that when she talking about Ahmad. Her crush. And I respect her for so openly with showing her feeling unlike me of course to chicken out to admit the truth.

“Maybe” i respond not taking much effort in it.

“Oh come on, don’t you think Ahmad a lot better than his brother?”

That snap me from my calmness to the edge of mountains, how dare she judge my lovely Anwar after his little brother. He is even compare with any man in this world even Eza Gionino! Before I have time to filter my big mouth

“I think he’s calmness is cool” I snap. Silence… And they began burst out laughing until one of my friend Nia said “i will tell him you said he’s cool” she poke me and then continue to laugh again. What did she say? Oh no no no… Oh my god no way. I start to panic

“No mean.. I didn’t mean it like that… I mean it’s like he just… Like cool when… He…” I stop in the middle of my shtater sentence because the look of both of my friend were broke all of the secret I’ve been holding in my entire life

“Oh my god you like him!” Nia shouted with her piercing sound. I am swear if we’re at building it probably be collapse by now. I froze dead at my track i didn’t know what to do should I denied it or just shrugged it it of like this comment doesn’t affect me a little bit. But this is real life sometimes what we want it’s not what happened like what we plan it to be. So i am speechless and sweating like i am running hundred miles away. And just like that my friend know without bothering to hear my pathetic excuses trying to denied what they like assuming about me liking the man who I can’t handle when he knows about me liking him . Oh god what I’ve got myself into?

The next day I already forgotten about last night. The truth is i am worried all night long thinking how i will behave with all the possibilities for tomorrow. Now it’s increase a little bit when i think my friends also forget to tell the victim Anwar. Hmm… Where is he anyway I didn’t see him today. And now it’s already noon and we have to prepare for going home not that I complain for going home after this hard work all day. But I missed him even just for 10 minute the longest time i can see him. It’s good enough for my heart benefit.

When we just about to waiting for our daily payment. He shows up from behind me. I jump a little. Thank to much for my healthy heartbeat cause right now I swear I can hear it like it’s about to burst out of my chest. Before i have time to steady my heart I hear the most humiliating sound I’ve ever heard. All my girlfriend chooking over me and him. I didn’t know what’s going on until Its whisper in my ear

“We already told him” she said and then continue with making the weirdest noises. I frozen in my place I guess my face like tomato right now but i can’t think straight what i must be doing right now. I glance at Anwar direction he’s smiling like angel as always how I wish he always smile like this. He even rarely talk. Oh yeah right back to reality I can’t hold it anymore so i did the only immature way my brain come up with. I run away

It’s been days after that embarrassing moment I am trying to behave like a normal person. But I can’t. I can’t stop thinking about he’s smile, he’s walk everything about him make my knee weak. I just wanna swoon after him every time i see him. I’ve got it bad each day it’s much harder than before to control my feeling so I decide to just man up and have a move on him.

At the first he was always respond all my massage or email but I don’t know what I did wrong after a few days to get to know him he just stop and won’t reply me. Maybe he realized that I am not worth it. He realizes I am not compared with him in anyway. He’s like the prince and I am just a poor slave. I know this is real world and I must wake up from my dream this is not fairytale so I made this note:

The things I should hate about you

  1. Ignorant jerk
  2. Not humorist
  3. Not have good height for a man
  4. He doesn’t care about anything but himself
  5. Never greet anyone
  6. He rarely to smile and its rude, you know!
  7. At first sight everybody will say “is he a human?”
  8. I’m sure he’s a fool walking zombie
  9. Absolutely don’t have much friend beside him except they seek for purposes (rich people syndrome)
  10. He’s a Capricorn cold hearted
  11. I’m guessing he doesn’t have any women who adores him, except me. Darn it!
  12. And I must be losing my mind to be attracted by someone like this bastard.

Who doesn’t even want to glance at my direction every time I drooling over him. Yeah, I mess up like that. Every single day, a minute a second.

I’ve been thought 24/7 about him. How can i still loving him with all this rejected, humiliation, heartbroken. I prayed all day for god to make my feeling for him to go away. But lucky me because it’s like a story has never ending I always ends up with another heart broken.

Will my feeling go away eventually?



4. A Silent Woman

By Tri Septiarini

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris-Juraganesia.net

She walked amid the crowd of people who are in the market. It was seen there are some people who talk about the woman, one of them said, “Look at that woman, she’s white and beautiful but unfortunately he had an unhealthy body that is fat”. They laughed out loud when talking about the beautiful woman. On the other hand, the woman looks with confidence to walk and spread smiles to everyone around her. Due to the nature friendly and polite that she had, a lot of people who love and appreciate her. She’s also a very hardworking woman. When she went home, she was not to rest directly. She did other chores such as sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, washing clothes, and helped her mother to cook.

After completing the homework, time for her to relax while watching her favorite tv shows that is cartoon. Because the fun watching, she did not know that her mother called her to make tea. It made her upset, angry and approached Yuanita by saying, “You are already 25 years old, but you still watching a cartoon, until I called and you didn’t hear,” turning off the TV is being watched Yuanita. She just looked down and apologized to her mother. “You are already adult but you never willing to change your bad behavior, well you have to make a tea for me now”, said her mother. Yuanita replied, “Yes Mom?” as she walked into the kitchen.

The incident made Yuanita sad and upset with her mother. Because she never gave enough time to watch her favorite cartoon. She then went to the room with a scowl, her friendly smile was gone instantly, and the tears wet in her white cheeks. In her grief, she recalled the same incident a few years ago. At that time, Yuanita already developing strategies to regulate some of the activities that should she do to be able to watch her favorite cartoon. All things already well at the begin. But when 30 minutes after the cartoon began, her mother told Yuanita to help her who was cooking. Yuanita which is cool to watch tv ignores her mother’s orders, because she had completed all homework which she is responsible. It made her angry and turned off the tv being watched Yuanita. She was forced to obey orders to help her mother cook in the kitchen. Because if not, she will get mad and totally forbidden to watch her favorite cartoon. The incident is still happening until now the cause Yuanita lamenting his bad luck. Just to watch the cartoon was difficult and full of struggle.

Christy was the younger sister Yuanita. She’s 5 years younger than her sister. She has a slender body where it is different from the body of her sister. Christy always get whatever she wants from her parents quickly and without the sacrifices. She also could do whatever she wanted without any restrictions whatsoever from her mother. Therefore, Yuanita felt that her mother treated her differently and unfairly. However, she just could silence her mother’s response to all treatments. Because she’s not chatty like her young sister who always say what she thinks. All the events that make Yuanita a quiet woman, aloof, and closed.

When Yuanita was study, she lived with his uncle. She is free from the shackles of her mother who always gave this command and that command. She can do whatever she wants. She was able to watch cartoon as much without her mother’s know. This she did about 4.5 years. In college, she began a relationship with a man, john, from other campuses are 1 year older than her. He has worked in a factory as a laborer. He has a very strong religious knowledge and understand the unseen. Because of his knowledge, he did bad things, witchcraft, against Yuanita and the purpose is to draining Yuanita’s family money. However, what John did, it is out of Yuanita’s know. Time after time, Yuanita’s money owned by john used up to pay the rent, pay for motorcycle loans, pay debts, and others. And she did not feel that strange things. Because Yuanita loved him, she did whatever John asked without her parent’s knowing it.

After graduating, she began working and living back with her mother. Over time, Miss Alya started treating Yuanita well. She could do anything and watch cartoon as much time not only at her uncle’s house but also her parents’ house. Yuanita very pleased with the change in attitude from her mother. However, hse still remains closed to her family especially Miss Alya.

After a while, Miss Alya is getting treated yuanita very well. She often buys gold jewelry to decorate Yuanita’s body to make it look more attractive and elegant. However, every time Miss Alya told Yuanita buy gold jewelry, gold jewelry as often as it is also missing. Yuanita always give the reason that gold jewelry is lost on the road when Miss Alya asked. She also often took the money without their parents’ knowing it. Because of these, Miss Alya started to suspect something was wrong with her ??son. She began to investigate how Yuanita’s life outside the home. Because of her perseverance, she can find out what happened to her son. Miss Alya told her son not to touch with John. Yuanita agreed and was not related to John at the time. But, a few days later her gold jewelry was missing again and make her mother angry and upset. So, Miss Alya initiatives her son to go to the chaplain and the paranormal to heal her son. However, it cannot be changed the bad habits of her who always took the money and gave her jewelry to John. Miss Alya was surrendered to sensitize heal of Yuanita that do not heal. Seeing that her mother was seriously ill, Yuanita realized and began to change her bad behavior.

Several years later, Yuanita met a handsome man, a white, hard-working, and good. The man named Michael. Yuanita undemonstrative love him. After a long acquaintance, Michael apparently harbored the same taste with Yuanita. He was applying for and invite Yuanita to get married. They lives happy ever after.




5. Achieving My Dreams

By Tyas A

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris- Juraganesia.net

One day, I only got 28,75 for my national exam result and I was so disappointed because I couldn’t be the student of a best school that I wanted before. But in the other side, I’m so grateful for being honest to answer each question.

Finally, in August 2016, “Now, the best points of physics’ post-test this month is 21 and the one who gets that score is Ciara. Congratulation. Automatically, Ciara’s score is 100 in the report card soon.”

After that day, I strongly believe I can achieve my goals, those are; an acceleration student and the first champion of this semester. I always study harder than before as I can. I often woke up in the midnight until morning for studying, and I didn’t forget to pray. Not only that thing, but I also helped my friends in need. If my friends asked me to teach them, I’d teach them in each lesson although I was busy that time. I believe, if we can help others by heart, God will prepare what’s the good thing will be given for us.

Time flies so fast, the first semester of my high school has ended with many experiences that i had. I gave all of my hopes to God included being an acceleration student and the rank that will be given by Him. On December, 6th 2016, in my bad condition because of my illness, I went to school for accompanying my mother who would take my report card. Before I entered my classroom, my friend was coming to me and my mom like something would be chasing her. Her name is Salsa.

“Ciara, congratulations! You’ve got the first rank of this semester! I’m so proud of being your friend.”

In the beginning, I couldn’t believe what she said because I haven’t met my class-teacher before and i was worrying my score in chemistry. My mom and I quickly went to 10 Science 2 which is my classroom to meet Mr. Harry, he is my class-teacher.

“Congratulations, Mrs. Rosella. Your little daughter, Ciara, is being the first champion of this semester. Her total score after divided by the total lessons that she learned before is 86 and being the candidate of the acceleration student,” said Mr. Harry proudly.

“Thank you so much, Sir.” thank Mom to Mr. Harry.

“But, sorry Ma’am. For her IQ score which is only 105, she needs to take the IQ test again for being accepted as a student of acceleration. Because the acceleration student’s IQ score should not be under 120 and she must take the CQ test also.”

By my parents believe and my dream of being an acceleration student, I was accepting that offer. After that day, I divided my holiday time to watch the settlement of IQ tests’ questions, and answer the question of IQ tests from my books and the internet webs such as verbal questions until the intellectual activity one. And I was asking my seniors about the selection of entering the acceleration class. The God’s plans are always precious and priceless, I achieved all of my dreams in this semester. Finally, I have been accepted as a new student of acceleration class by the 130 for the IQ score and 133 for the CQ. Being an acceleration student has never been easy, I promise to God that I will be on this duty by study hard and pray hard.

From these experiences, I believe, something won’t be happened if we don’t believe and do the best as we can. And another best thing will come if God don’t accept one of your dream, so don’t worry. Just give the best thing that you can give to others.



6. Centimeters Away

By Lisa T

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris-Juraganesia.net

The season keeps rolling without loosen its pace.

It has been a long time since the last moment I wear my lovely pink sandals which we bought together years ago. I take them out, and they’re dusty all over.

And it has been two springs for me to bear with this distance.

I’m sorry.

I’m still as lame as I was a child. Such an unreliable person, right? Even until now, I can’t stare directly into your bright brown eyes.

For a long time, I’ve been trying to reveal my feeling toward you, which is more real than only words, and closer than you breathe.

However, my feet still hesitate and keep measuring the right time to reach you.

And here, in the other side of seasons, I’m still hiding.

I wonder, do you still remember at that day, when we were together on our way home after-school?

I was so desperate since you were failed to say something important to me. And for the countless time, too, i was failed to say an answer I had prepared days before.

Until then, suddenly I heard my friends calling. So finally, hopelessly I chose to go with them, after biding a cold “good bye” to you.

Again, once again I’m failed to say that how much I love you, more than just a friend.

Somehow, this failure leaves a great regret inside our heart. I don’t know about you, but I feel my confidence melts down, leaving my heart in dryness and hopeless about you. And since all of those, we’re making distance, which is frustrating me to the most.

Is it even not a problem?

I just don’t want my lament to be sighed out. So, standing here on the wave breaker, feeling the soft breeze through my curves, I’m thinking hard to decide what I should do.

For this long, we’re only watching the season. It keeps rolling, while we do nothing.

Are you satisfied with that?

For a long time, I’ve been trying to reveal my feeling toward you, which is more real than only words, and closer than you breathe.

Once in a time, I just had to walk one step closer to you. However, these feet did still hesitate and kept measuring the right time.

Until finally, the season took over my pace. You went away further, once again leaving me in dry and hopeless soul.

So, right now, I have decided.

I realized that I have a dream to stay with you forever. I also can’t bear with this kind of bitterness any longer.

It’s enough! I have to close this distance! I’m going to run to you for that. And this time, I promise, I would stare deep into your eyes.

So, right now, still standing on the wave breaker and holding my courage, I’m thinking about words I’m going to say. Please wait for me… I will come in no time.

Ah, what a dazzling breeze…



7. The Kite Master

By Alex Sudrajat

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris-Juraganesia.net

It was dry season; everyone spent the noon by sleeping or watching TV because it was very hot out there. However, it was not what kids felt, they had more and more amusing way to spend it. The sky was so clear, looked so blue like an ocean without edges, the grasses and leaves looked like painted by bucket gold paint in their eyes. They enjoyed what nature gave to them.

Smelling the baked soil by the sun and enjoying the wind, Sastro ran quickly chasing the flown kite with other kids happily. The rule was one, “the runner who gets the kite first is the owner of it”. He spiritfully ran and yelled, imaging that he was a power ranger, the blue ranger of power ranger turbo. He was keeping ran and smiling realizing that he was the fastest. The kite fell down and almost came to the field but unfortunately, the wind blew it to the top of the tree. Well, there was it, hanging on the tree, the coconut tree. Sastro walked to the tree, kept looking to the kite and waited someone who wanted to pick the kite up to him.

“Hey, look! That’s the kite!” The other kid yelled.

“That’s mine!”

“No! It belongs to me!”

“Why don’t you take it? Can you climb it?”

“I cannot”

“That’s why it belongs to me. I can climb coconut tree.”

“Well, it is yours.”

“Hahaha… Why don’t we play it together?”

The kids ran and yelled happily for the kite they found. They tied the nylon string and then flew it by the wind from the west. Smiles and laughs arose when the kite swing again in the sky beautifully. Sastro learned that it was better to enjoy the happiness together.

In the next dry seasons, Sastro was growing older. He was a teenager but he still loved kite. As usual, in the Sunday morning, he came to the rice field. Nothing he could find else a drained field. There were no fishes, rice, crabs, or shrimps. Then Agus came approaching him.

“What are you doing here Sastro?”

“Nothing. I am wondering where the fishes hid? I love fishes.”

“Hey, this is dry season, they are all disappeared and will return at wet season.”

“Yeah you are right.”

“So, are you come with me?”

“Where do we go?”

“I have got a new kite, my father bought me yesterday. I need your help.”

“Really? Of course!”

Sastro happily followed Agus to see the kite. He was shocked because there was a big kite colored black and red with very long tails in the bottom. Mr. Bromo approached them and asked whether Sastro like or not. Sastro replied that he loved it so much. Then they went to the field to fly it. The first trial was not working because there was no enough wind. Mr. Bromo and Agus seemed confused but Sastro had a clever idea. He asked Mr. Bromo to walk more and further to make an enough distance for reaching the top wind. Agus and Sastro held the kite carefully until Mr. Bromo gave the sign. The nylon lined between them so strong and then the two kids released it by the sign given. Slowly and steady, the kite was reaching the sky where the wind blew.

“Want to drive it?”

“Yes, of course.” Said the boys happily

“Sastro, how do you know it if it will be worked?”

“I don’t know, Sir, I just imagine it.”

“Well, that’s genius.”

“That’s why I ask him to help us Dad.”

“I just love kite. That’s it. Hehehe.”

Sastro loved kite so much. He was always excited when many kites flew in the sky, arranging a randomly but beautifully pattern that seemed like stars in the noon. Unfortunately, Sastro did not have any kite because his parent would never allow him to buy or make it, worrying that he would play rather than study. Sastro knew it and had no choice. Nevertheless, today he was so happy because he could play a big kite, the biggest kite he had ever seen. It was enough for him, remembering years where he just could saw the kite and that day he drove it. Pulling the nylon felt like fishing in his imagination. It was hard for him for the first time; he could not handle it when the top wind blew faster and faster. The deeper he pulled, the heavier it would. Moreover, the kite almost dragged him to somewhere. That was the very moment to him.

The day was going to noon, Sastro decided to go back to home because he knew that usually his mother would be angry. He walked slowly and slowly reaching the door. Quietly he opened the door, without any noisy sound. The door was opened, he looked around and no one there. The first stage was successful. Then he moved to his room, again, slowly and quietly. When he tried to open his room, the smell of his favorite food was reminding him that he had not had his breakfast at the morning. He reached the dining room, found the pot, opened it, and smiled. Then he saw legs under the curtain and recognized it. The last stage was not successful by the unbeaten distracter, the soup.

“I am sorry Mom.”

“How do you know it?” The curtain opened.

“I see your legs.”

“Where have you’ve been?”

“Agus’s house”

“You must be playing kite!”

“I can’t play kite in the house Mom.”

“Oh, that is good.”

“But I played it in the field.”

“Oh, come on, you are in the third grade now! You will have national examination, won’t you?”

“It is my hobby Mom; I will be the kite master in the competition.”

“Hmm… Enough, it is better to eat your soup now.”

“Okay Mom.”

Dry season in this time brought hotter waves. The river, the grass, the leaves, and the others were quickly dried. It was hard to get clean water because the well was getting dried too. Everyone in the village needed and looked for the same thing, water, as the most important element in their life. All of people knew if there was one way to solve it. A pump well was not dagger by human but machine, so that they could reach the underground water. Unfortunately, the cost was too expensive for people like them.

Sastro was wondering how to get very much money at instance. He walked around the house, hung in the tree, and finally sat down under the tree and closed his eyes imaging something. He saw a bamboo, nylon, paper, and plane. The plane was so huge and beautiful. It flew around the sky, showed its shines and glory. Then a giant comes, trying to break the plane and chasing him. He screams aloud but no one listen. Finally the giant grabs him by hand.

“Woooaaaa!!!” Sastro screamed aloud.

“Hey Sastro wake up, it is me, Agus.”

“I saw something!”

“I saw a stupid boy sleeping alone under the tree.”

“I was not sleeping.”

“Yes, you were. What did you see?”

“Bamboo, nylon, paper, and plane. And a giant like you hahaha.”

“Very funny. Well, you must be dreaming too.”

“Yup, maybe. What are you doing here?”

“What do you think about the kite competition? Will you join it?”

“I really want it but you know, my parent will not allow me.”

“Oh, come on, it is just a few days and we will get a much prizes.”

“Like what?”

“A collection of combat kite of course and the most valuable one, the cash”

“How much?”

“I am not sure but the rumor said that it is enough to build a pump well.”

Six days later, Sastro and Agus came to the kite competition committees for the first time. They wondered to follow the competition and win it. Surprisingly, the two boys also saw the champions and their kites surrounded by people, seemed very happy, and enjoyed their popularity. How great the kite competition they have through. They registered at beautiful kite contest, the contest that allowed the participants to make a unique kite based on their creativity. The rule was so simple; it must be original and could fly steadily in the sky.

The kite competition held in every dry season where there was no rain and wind blew more often. It was the most popular event among the villages, included the village where Sastro and Agus lived. There were hundreds of participants and thousands of audiences. The winner of each branch of competition will get title “master” until the next competition and they were not allowed to join the competition until new “master” chosen. For the prize, it was always been a mystery because the committee thought that a prize should be a surprise and no one should know. Nevertheless, all of people always enjoyed it and the participants were not too thinking about the prize because being a master was an honor.

The date of competition was about a month again. Sastro had much time to prepare but too short to make his parent allowed him to follow the kite competition. One day in the night, he tried to talk about it again.



“May I talk to you?”

“I know and the answer is still no!”


“The national examination is two weeks after the competition, you must choose to study rather than your competition.”

“But I could do both of them Mom, every teenager join it.”

“They don’t think about future.”

“The masters are so famous Mom.”

“Does famous pay your school?!”


“You know what! life is so hard in the dry season. We are lack of clean water and the prices of some needs arise. Please, don’t waste what we have been collected for you.”

“Yeah I know it.”


Sastro locked himself in the room and felt so depressed because of it. He knew that national examination was very important but the situation around him was more important. Other villages might be still having clean water supply. What about his village? No one had a pump well, so that people should go too far away to find the clean water including his family. He hoped so much for the prize of competition.

“Knock… Knock… Knock….” somebody knocked the door from the outside.

“Ehemm… May I come in?”


“Do you like kite?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Mee too.”


“Yeah, I was also a master when I was young.”

“Then why do you forbid me to play it father?

“I become so lazy and I only think about my kite when the dry season comes. I got bad marks for some subjects. I ignore it, feel like nothing is happened until I graduated and find that looking for a job is not easy.”

“I know it and I know mother does not believe me that I could manage my time and keep study hard.”

“Yeah, that is you mother should be but you can prove it.”

“What do you mean father?”

“I believe that you could be the master and pass the national examination well.”

“Really? Thank you, Papa.”

Sastro and Agus worked hardly to make their kite. They tried to measuring and weighing precisely to get the perfect shape. Several tests were done, some of them were failed but they were not surrender. Sastro studied harder than before. He always woke up at 03.00 am to pray and study because after school he should finish his project with Agus. After 3 weeks and 4 days, the kite was ready. They smiled and were not patient to show it in the competition.

The day of competition came. Sastro and Agus, the two boys felt so nervous because their competitors had a very good kite. They walked to the edge and waited their turn to fly the kite and then the competition was begun. The audiences yelled happily, when the kites of the participants started to fly one by one. Sastro and Agus were excited too and they were still not believed if today they were joint it as the participants. Unfortunately, bad thing happened. Sastro forgot to bring the nylon and the time was 10 minutes left. He got shocked and Agus tried to calm him. However, Sastro still looked so confused until someone approached and called him.

“Do you forget it?”


“Ya… I know that you always forget to bring something in your big day.”

“But Mom, why do you come here?”

“Papa ask me to enjoy the competition and want to see your kite.”

“Thank you, Mom.”

Sastro and Agus prepared the kite in the field. Then it was their turn to fly. Everyone looked so shocked to see what they made. Some kids yelled happily to see the uncommon kite. Well, they were not build kite at all, they built a plane. A very beautiful plane that amazed thousands eyes of people, which fly as the distinction among the others. The plane flew beautifully and steadily in the sky, inviting the good comments from the people.


“That is great! Yahoo!”

“Good job fellas!”

The competition was over, Sastro and Agus became the master for their genius work. They got a series of combat kite and a cow. Agus thought that they must be held a party by roasting the cow together with the entire village’s people but Sastro had a more brilliant idea. He asked to sell the cow and then build a pump well for village’s people. So, they would be easier to get the clean water. Agus agreed and then they talked the plan to the people in the village. As what they expected, all of the people were very happy.



8. Orchid

By Khusnul Makrifah

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris – Juraganesia.net

It was a middle of August, a sunny day and the wind blew slowly, give a brand new day to Kamila. The day was her first semester in University. She studied in Surakarta State University and took English Literature as her major. She lived in dormitory with her roommate also classmate, Ayumi. On the other hands, Kamila was an independent girl, because her parents so idealist. She studied in Single Sex School since she started her first study in Elementary School. It made her social relationship is so less, she never talked with a boy until she was seventeen. Her parents never permit her to hang out with her friends, she only stayed at home after school, didn’t go anywhere. Everything that happened to her was changed when she entered to study in University.

“Mila, look at the boy who wear blue jeans and wear glasses, he is so cool, isnt he?” said Ayumi so excited.

“I don’t know.”

“What!!! Don’t you ever meet a boy before? How could you don’t know that he is handsome? Every girl in this class knows that he was the best, but you? OMG, Mila, where is the world that you have been living? Huh?”

“What do you mean?” asked Kamila with innocence face.

“Ah forget it, it doesn’t matter.”

After a few moments, there is a boy approached Kamila, he wanted to talk with her, but as soon as possible she move from his chair.

“What’s the matter? I only want to know your name, and become friend with you, but how could you be so arrogant, treat me like I’m a bad guy!” said Sam with a loud voice.

“Don’t disturb my friend!!!” said Ayumi.

“Oh, that’s your friend? Haha, tell her, she is like an alien, so fuddy-duddy!” said Sam with an evil face.

“Who’s the hell do you think you are, shut up your mouth!” said Ayumi while hit Sam with her bag.

“Ouwww, what the..!!!”

After hit by Ayumi, Sam moved her chair into back seat.

lesson started and will finish at 14.20 o’clock.

Day after day, Kamila became usual with her daily activity in her campus and her dormitory. She enjoyed her life and finished her first semester with a great score.

One day on January, in her second semester, there is a boy named Alan sent her a message to ask about group assignment. First, she felt adore because Alan was very polite to her. It appeared on his word style when he typed a message. Even she didn’t know which one Alan is in the class, but she was fall in love with him before she knew him. After that moment, Kamila always thought about Alan. It’s hard for her to know him, because she was very quiet in the class, the only friend that she had is Ayumi. One day, she decided to ask Ayumi, who Alan is and which one of her boyfriends who had name Alan.

“Yumi, do you know the boy who has name Alan?” asked Kamila slowly.

“Alan? Hmmm, let me refresh my memory, tututut, searching for Alan.” said Ayumi with putting her hands on her head is like someone who has telepathy power.

“Im serious, Yumi. No kidding me, please”.

“Haha, Im sorry, Mila. But, its like a miracle for Kamila Orchidae to ask me something useless like that. Kamila that I know is someone who always focuses on her study, and she has no time to think about a boy. Are you sick?” said Ayumi tempted her.

“You know me so well, Yumi, but I need to know this.”

“Yeah, I think that you are serious at this time, tomorrow I will show who he is.”

“Pinkie swears.”

“Okay, darling.”

The next day, Ayumi showed her who Alan is. It was true like what she imagined was. Alan looked so cool, he was tall, and has a cute smile even if he only quiet. After that moment, Kamila feel deeper in love with him and for the first time she decided to be closer with someone. Actually, it was hard for her to communicate with a boy, because she never. She tried so hard to make Alan pay attention to her. Kamila became so friendly and she was so cheerful in her second semester because she felt more alive by loving Alan.

One day in the middle of March, something bad happen to her. She stalked on Alans social media, and by stalking she know that Alan has a girlfriend. For the first time, she felt broken, didn’t want to keep alive.

“Yumi, what’s it? I feel so empty. I can’t feel anything. Am I still alive” asked Kamila with flat expression.”

“No, you die yesterday when you know the truth if Alan has a girlfriend. Is that you want I answer?”

“Yumi, I’m sad, why dont you make me feel better.”

“Because, I’m your best friend, I don’t want to see you live like this.”

“So, what I have to do, Yumi, you know that I feel like I was hit by shooting star!”

“He only has a girlfriend, theres any possibility to make theyre apart.” said Ayumi with holding Kamilas shoulders.

“What do you mean, Yumi? You want me to break their relationship! It was so cruel!”

“No!!! I mean you still have a chance, because they dont get married yet, so there is a possibility for them to break up.”

“Oh, are you sure with that, Yumi?”

“Trust me and I will help you to be close with him.”

“Yumi. You are the best that I ever had.” said Kamila with hugging Ayumi.

“I know.”

Ayumi always supported her to go forward. Kamila who didn’t know who true love is, tried hard again to make Alan love her. Without her knowing, Alans girlfriend knew her effort and noticed her to keep away from Alan. Kamila was ignored with her notice and he kept moving forward for Alan.

Whenever Kamila wanted to give up, Ayumi always support her. Kamila always listened up to her suggest without any refusal, because only Ayumi, the one who always stayed beside her. Kamila tried again and again until one day she heard that Alan broke up with her girlfriend. First, she heard that she thought it was her turn to stand beside Alan, but actually a few months later Alan was in relationship her best friend Ayumi. Kamila was speechless with that, and she felt so hurt more than before. Ayumi tried to explain to her.

“Mila, I’m so sorry, it is out of my control, I try to make him close to you, but…”

“Just leave me alone at this room.”

“Don’t hate me, Mila. I can’t hide my feeling. I try to make him close to you for sixth months and I feel comfort with him, so do him.”


On that day, there is no one who knew Kamila’s anger included Ayumi. She was only silence in the class and her dormitory. It happened for a few months. She felt so alone, didn’t has someone to be trusted. She seemed still alive but her soul was gone, she couldn’t feel anything.

One day, she called her mother in Jakarta and told everything, she said that she didnt have a spirit to continue her life and her study. Her mother only said slowly, “Do you know why we give you name Kamila Orchidea? Because you are our orchid, and you are not as easy as that to be fallen, because take a very long process to see the beauty of an orchid, dear, it’s your turn, it’s your process”.

After she called her mother, Kamila realized that she has to start her new life, she become friend again with Ayumi.

“Yumi, forgive all of my mistakes, I’m sorry, I’m so cruel with you. I’m sorry for breaking up our friendship”

“No, it’s not your mistake, Mila. This is all my mistakes. I shouldn’t have a special feeling to Alan. I should have to press my feeling. I know you love him more than you love yourself. I should have known it, Mila. I’m so sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter now, Yumi. The most important is our friendship, I want you to be my best friend anymore, I need you. You are the one who know me so well. I think it’s not fair if I break up our friendship only because a little thing, I mean something is not important like this.”

“Mila, I couldn’t say anything. Don’t you know I’m shy to look my face in the mirror every time? I always feel sorry by doing this to you.”

“It’s Okay, Yumi. Forget it and lets brand new day. Brand our fourth semester in the University.

“Thanks a lot, Mila.”

Ayumi was surprised because for the first time, Kamila ask her and want to talk with her. She was so happy and after that day, Ayumi told to Kamila that she was broke up with Alan and now she was in relationship with anyone else. After that event, Kamila studied hard to finish her study and got her title as Bachelor of Art before time that was decided.

In the other hands, Kamila still loved Alan so much, although she knew the consequent of that. The consequent is to be unwanted and always kept her love in the deep of heart. She kept it until she graduated from her school.

“Congratulations, Mila. Now, I have to call you, Senior Kamila Orchidae.”

“Thanks, Yumi. Now, you also have to be senior like me as soon as possible.” said Kamila with laughing.

“Oh, maybe it is only in my dream to finish my study earlier, I feel so tired.”

“Don’t talk like that,Yumi. I’ll always support you.”

“Yeah, I know it.” said Ayumi with hugging Kamila.

“Oh, by the way, Mila, may I ask you something?”

“What’s it?”

“Still you love Alan, Mila?”

“As you know.” said Kamila with smiling.

“But, why do you forgive my mistake a long time ago? You know that its a big mistake.”

“Loving someone is not a mistake, Yumi. The mistake is when we force our feeling to someone who doesn’t want making a relationship with us.”

“Don’t you hate me, Mila at that time?”

“Do you want me answer it honestly?”

“Yes, I have already to hear the truth. Please, tell me.”

“It is impossible if I don’t hate you, Yumi. I hate you so bad, but I miss you so bad. I love you as my best friend, and my love for you is same with my love for Alan. I don’t want to lose both of you. Its why I decide to keep my love for Alan in the deep of my heart, and come to you anymore.”

“Mila.” said Ayumi slowly with crying and hugging Kamila.

“How could you become so great, Mila, how could you have mind like that.”

“Because my mom tells me why my name is Kamila Orchidae.”

“And why it is?”

“In Arabic name Kamila means Perfect, and Orchidae is Latin name means Orchid. The full name of my name means A Perfect Orchid.”

“Still I don’t get it, Mila.”

“An Orchid is a symbol of love and struggle. An orchid needs a long process to be blossom. It same with me, to forgive you and accept my destiny needs a long process. I ever want to kill myself. I ever want to drop out from campus, and I ever want to kill everyone around me. It’s my difficult period, Yumi, I grateful I can face it and become like this now. In the other hands, an orchid needs other plants to live but it doesn’t disturb other plants living, just like me and I need you to live, Yumi. More than you need me.”

“Oh, Mila, I’m speechless. It’s truly right, you’re a perfect orchid.”

“Thank you for coming into my life, Yumi.”

“My pleasure, Mila.”

After she got her title as a Bachelor of Art, she worked as a translator in Jakarta Enterprise and married with her partner, named Ahza. She lived happily in UK, and she make her first love to Alan is everlasting on her written. Nowadays, the novel “Behind the story of Alan Poe” is well known. The novel had been translated in 30 languages and is read by people around the world. A Producer of many famous movies interested to make the movie of Alan Poe. After his name became popular, Alan recently has known that there was a girl who loved her so much. Alan wanted to meet her and say thank to her, but Kamila only said that “Thanks for give me a chance to love you even you don’t know me. You teach me many things even you didn’t realize it. I love you but I shouldn’t stay beside you only to prove that I love you.”



9. The Choke Point

By Adri A Wisnu

Corporal Ramsey bends on his knees, trying to catch a breath that might be his last. He’s coughing blood, caused by a fatal wound on his chest. It was an exit wound, and he was lucky enough to be alive even for just a moment. It was raining; thick mist shrouded the area Bradley’s Squad was on. Sergeant Bradley closes his eyes as he watches one of his men getting killed in front of his eyes, by his own indecency. His command and his bad call led his company to the enemy’s chokepoint, where there were ambushed by the enemy’s recon unit. The second shot from the church tower window marks an exclamation of Corporal Ramsey’s demise, a clean shot right between his eyes.

“Sh*t! Ramsey!” Cry Private William.

“What do we do now, Sergeant?” Ask the squad’s medic.

“Try to get a hold of yourself, Private. We can get through this.”

Sergeant Bradley tries to reassure his squad. “We have to get through this.”

The projection of his family appears before his eyes as he speaks. That’s what he always wanted, seeing his family just one more time if he – by any chance – did not make it. Bradley gave command to William to check the situation. William peek through a small gap on his covering position, he got his eyes on the church, where assumes to be the sniper’s vantage point. The mist was already dispersing; gives a better view for William and the enemy sniper.

“He was really good for making a clean shot through the mist.” The medic said

“Shh! I’ve spotted movement!” Exclaims William, as he readied his rifle. “It looks like he’s moving away from the window.”

“Are you sure?”

“Affirmative, sir,” William said. He has enhanced eyesight that enables him to spot small things in faraway places, or seeing through a thick mist, smoke, and heavy rains.

“If only we’re not separated from the rest of the Company.” The medic murmured to himself.

“Stop complaining Hudson,” Sergeant Bradley took out his GPS, “We’re still far away from the destination point. We’ve been stranded too far from the actual exfil.”

“Being cut off behind the enemy lines is sucks, man. I wonder how the others are doing. Did they make it?” said Private William.

“The only thing that matters now is our own survival, private. We have to find a way to get through those Japanese.”

“Sir,” William nodded.

As they about to move, they heard from far away, a Japanese chatter, and a lot of footsteps. The only assumptions they made is the Japanese Sniper has reported in. Now they bring reinforcements. The only choices left is getting through them, or turned back and live another day. However, Bradley and his squad is not in a good position to go anywhere. It’s the only cover between them, the Japanese and the open area surrounding. Bradley throws up a flashbang grenade, and he and his squad make their way to the nearest building. It’s the safest place they ever been since they landed in Seattle, or what’s left of it. Japanese really did some destruction around here.

“Great, we’ve been sent here to assist the resistance force, now we’re the one who desperately needs help.”

The Japanese chased Bradley and the other to the hotel they were at. Bradley’s flashbang distraction seems not working as well as he hoped it would.

“The rest of the army is on the other side of the city, right now we’re concentrating on taking our guests out.” Bradley said.

“They’re too many, sir!”

“We used this apartment as our advantage, Private William. If we get separated, we meet up at the rooftops after its clear. Move!”

Three men versus twelve others, Bradley, William, and Hudson do what they can, used everything in their possessions, even scavenge some to defeat the oncoming Japanese soldiers. Lurking in the dark corner, setting up traps, using the rooms to make distractions and move to the other via hole in the wall, they manage to kill some of them silently, and hides not all, but some of the bodies of possible. The last remaining Japanese who found the bodies of his comrades begins to panic; William slit his throat, therefore killing the last of the pursuers. They meet up at the rooftops, Bradley notice that Hudson is absent.

“Hudson, come in.” Bradley tried to contact Hudson through the comm system. “Hudson!”

“Sarge, I heard footsteps.”

From the door that leads to the rooftops, a man appears. Not Hudson, instead Japanese soldier wielding a Katana on his right hand, and Hudson’s decapitated head on his left hand.

“Goddamn, Hudson,” William took out his gun pointing it at the Japanese in anger.

A sound of a siren can be heard from the street below, it’s a sign of the resistance. They came to help, with the rest of the US force with it. They were looking for Bradley and his squad. The battle has been won; they rescue the resistance force and took back Seattle. While William and Bradley are distracted by a relieve sight of friendlies. The Japanese took out a grenade, pull its pin out and run with great speed towards William, and tackles him therefore sending William and himself falling from the rooftop. The grenade explodes in mid-air killing them both. The army extracts Bradley from the hotel. After giving a full report to his superior officer, Bradley retrieve a new squad, and new orders.



10. Finding Family

By Satriyo Soegianto

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris – Juraganesia.net

Today is the day when i was being adopted by my foster parents. i remembered the first time when they walked into the orphanage and looked at me for the first time when i was sitting on the stairs. They went into the caretaker of my orphanage and greets him. They talk and talk but i can’t hear what they say but I’m pretty sure they read my files, when they walked out , they looked at me and gave me a warm smile but i just looked at them with a blank expression.

Then the caretaker walked out after. He looked at me with a threatening expression on his faces, i looked down quickly.

“Now Adit, start packing now. You’re going to be adopted by them and please pack it quickly” i nodded.

I went to my room and packed my stuff quickly so that I didn’t upset my caretaker. I walked out of my room only to see the caretaker there. He warned me that if I was returned by them, he’s going to punish me. I nodded and he told me that they’re waiting outside.

I saw them outside and my foster dad asked me. “so, are you ready?” i nodded and we went into his car. We started talking in the car.

“Ok so what’s your name?” he asked.

“My name is Adit.”

“Ok, Adit. My name is Anya and this is my husband, Raysha. You can call us whatever you want” she said

“Umm, can I ask you something, Miss Anya?”

“Ask away” she said.

“Umm, can you tell me what are the rules in your house?” I stuttered.

She looked at me with a look i don’t understand then her expression changed into a serious one.

“Adit, hmm… How do I explain it. There’s no rule in our house. For us, we just want you to live a normal life and we want share our happiness to every kid in orphanage since my child died during a birth”

“I’m sorry that I asked” she looked at me with a look that I can’t tell again


The ride to his house was silent. I felt guilty that I asked them that. We got out of the car and went into the house. I was amazed that it was very cleaned and it’s like seeing a castle. I walked slowly and looked around and careful not to touch anything. Then when I was too busy looked around, a girl that i guessed was 2 years older than me came up to me and hugged me.

“Oh my god, you’re so cute, what’s your name? I’m Fitria and I’m 10 years old. So, what–” she was being cut off by my foster mother

“Woah woah wait a minute, Fitria, he’s trying to adapt with our new house. Even though he liked it when we came in, If you rushed him too many question, he’s going to faint any second now,” she blushed and I began to blush a little.

“So, Adit, before you can look around, let me show you your room,” she took me there and Fitria followed. I looked around and notice that my foster father was gone but I decided to not ask her where he was. We walked into my room. I saw my room painted with a blue paint and they looked at me with an expression that they’re proud of what they done in my room and then they looked at me with a hopeful eye.

“So, do you like it?” I nodded and give them a warm smile. They looked at

“Ok. you can rest now if you want. I’m going to take your belonging from the car and take it here”

“umm you don’t have to carry my stuff to my room, Miss Anya.”

“Relax, Adit. I don’t mind at all and besides you can get along with Fitria now”

“Thanks, Miss Anya” then she left

We both just stand there and not saying. Then Fitria began to introduce herself to me

“Ok adit, I’m going to introduce myself. My name is Fitria and I’m 12 years old. I was adopted 6 months ago and now I’m in 7th grade. So, what’s your name?”

“Umm, ok. My name is Adit and I’m 10 years old. I’m in 7th grade”

“What, you’re 7th grade?” I nodded

“Wow, I got a genius brother” she hugged me. Even though I just know her. I feel content with her.

“So, what’s your story before you went to the orphanage?” she asked me but I answered it hesitantly

“I was in a car accident b-but when I woke up in the hospital, the doctor told me that my parents and my only sister died during operation” then I felt tears assemble in my eyes, but I tried to hold my tears to rolled down my cheeks.

“I’m sorry that I asked,” then she hugged me. I refused to cry but it took all of my will power to prevent them from falling. She hugged me for awhile and my foster mother came back with my bag and then she looked at us

“Awww, you guys already like each other now,” Fitria stopped hugging me and released me quickly.

“Mommm, stop teasing and besides he’s my brother forever so I must love him,” she began to blush and I felt happy when she says those words and I let out warm smile unconsciously.

“Ok then, Adit, if you’re done hugging with Fitria, you can start unpacking. meanwhile Fitria and I prepare a welcome dinner for you.” I nodded and they left.

I started unpacking and after I’m done, I’m eating together with them. I’m the first one that finish my dinner and I looked at the clock that says 7 PM. I put my plate on the sink and thanked them then left. I went to my bedroom and began to sleep.



Demikianlah pembahasan kita pada artikel kali ini mengenai contoh cerpen bahasa Inggris. Nah, bagaimana Sahabat Juraganesia, sudah tahu bagaimana cerpen dan contoh-contohnya? Apakah tergolong mudah? Atau masih terasa sulit?


Hal yang paling penting adalah kemauan untuk mencoba berbagai hal-hal baru. Untuk mengetahui lebih dalam bagaimana cerpen itu dibuat, kita harus banyak sekali membaca. Semoga artikel ini dapat bermanfaat, ya. Semaangat!


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